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It is general knowledge that sun damage and lack of a good skin regimen will result in skin with a prematurely aged appearance. Then there is the “pesky problem” of genetics – some people just appear to age faster than others with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles occurring earlier than they should! Instead of offering a package of one type of modality of treatment, we are pleased to offer a package of treatments employing multiple different modalities of treatment that can rejuvenate and improve the appearance of your face:

PACKAGE 1: Rejuvenation

A chemical skin peel – followed byAn IPL or Laser genesis treatment to deal with sun damaged skin, brown spots, uneven tone, telangiectasia (small vessels) and fine lines.Microneedling with skin boosters and peptides to promote new collagen and improve elasticity.An intravenous infusion of powerful antioxidants and vitamins- to work from within.A TempSure Envi treatment – this is a potent monopolar radio frequency treatment that goes deep to stimulate new collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.4 sessions of red light therapy which has shown to rejuvenate the skin and give a smoother appearanceThis combination of treatments will dramatically improve your appearance.

PACKAGE 2: Skin tightening and wrinkle treatment

An ablative CO2 Laser treatment which has been shown to dramatically reduce deep wrinkles and lines around the mouthDeep microneedling with hyaluronic acid, skin tightening peptides and Vit C serum2 sessions of TempSure Envi – a deep radiofrequency treatment that stimulates collagen and improves skin elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles4 sessions of red light therapyCall the office to find out more about these exciting packages.

In addition, any maintenance skin care products purchased at the time of one of these packages, will enjoy a 15% discount.


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