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Skin care antioxidant supplements

The importance of Antioxidants

We see many of you for a variety of skin conditions from injectables like Botox, Fillers and Belkyra to Laser, Radiofrequency and body contouring treatments.

No matter what you see us for and no matter what you age, it is ESSENTIAL that you think of including antioxidants in your daily health regimen.

It makes no sense to take care of the “outside” without making sure that you are taking care of the “inside” as well.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is subjected to a significant amount of oxidative stress. This leads to an accumulation of free radicals (ROS) which exceed the body’s natural antioxidant production. This results in damage to the skin with consequent premature ageing and wrinkles and an increase in the risk of developing cancers. The process is worsened by lifestyle factors such as excess sun exposure, smoking, poor eating habits and underlying disease.

It is now widely understood from medical studies that antioxidant therapy is essential for good skin health. In addition, antioxidant therapy will also have a beneficial effect on other systems such as the heart, brain and immune system (which are also damaged by the excess ROS).

So, we would like to make an appeal to you all to take a more global and comprehensive approach to your skin care and start taking antioxidant therapy.

So now that you are motivated to do this – what antioxidant therapy should you use???

The traditional approach is to use supplements  such as Vit C and E, glutathione and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) – all of which have a place. However, it is now widely accepted that a better route to achieving higher antioxidant levels is to get the body to produce more of its own natural antioxidants – this process is termed acceleration. It is achieved by “biohacking” with nutrigenomics – using nutrition and naturally occurring substances to alter the way genes codes for the production of substances like antioxidants.

Without getting too technical, this can be achieved via what is called the nrf pathway. One of the products that has been shown to work is one called Protandim – a dietary supplement which has been shown in a clinical study in humans to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days!

This product can be ordered online at:

Click on shop and then you will see the “nrf2 synergizer”. For best effect you should use the “dual synergizer” which will increase antioxidants and also improve mitochondrial function (the powerhouses) of the cell.